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  • Michelle Ostrove

How To Singing or Playing Piano With Impact?

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Studies have shown that only 3% of our population is tone deaf. That means 97% of the population can learn to sing or play piano! An important question would be “how do you characterize sounding good”? It’s all personal taste and preference.

Do you know that Adele has said that she hates the sound of her own voice! I’m sure the entire world would disagree. One thing is for certain, when she sings, she does not hold back. Adele puts her heart and soul into her singing. When Lady Gaga and Elton John perform, they give their performance 100%; singing as well as playing the piano. The energy is electric and to give that type of performance creates an impact on everyone around.

I had a famous acting coach, Bobbie Chance, tell me that most adults are constipated in their soul. They’ve learned how to stuff their feelings and emotions inside. Children are usually more open and will feel a song even when they don’t understand the meaning, it’s the music that stirs their emotions. When you get in front of an audience to perform, don’t hold back, just let it all out and your audience will feel what you are feeling as you use your voice or play the piano to relay a musical message to the listeners.


What makes songs but never sings? Notes

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