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To become a great singer and have total freedom with your voice requires a lot of practice. An exceptional vocalist is someone who is dedicated to their craft, works hard, and is willing to do whatever it takes to become the best they can be. All of the greatest singers like Christina Aguilera, Axel Rose and Robert Plant have these characteristics in common

There are some distinct qualities of a great singer. The first trait is pitch control! You must have the ability to hit the note and stay on the note. It is necessary to be able to hold a note without losing your pitch, this is where the note may go flat (a little below the note). It takes time and effort to be able to control your pitch.

A solid vocal support system requires good technique, which is the foundation for a luminescent singing voice. To create proper vocal support when you sing, you need a balance of pressure and resistance. It’s basically breath management while you are singing. A great singer has vocal support by using the diaphragm, abdominal and throat muscles with proper breath technique for vocal support, creating that vocal power!

A great singer knows how to belt out a melody. They are aware of how they sound and can belt out a tune correctly. If you find you can’t sing or speak for days after singing, you are belting incorrectly. Find a professional vocal coach or voice teacher for voice (singing) lessons, to diagnose the problem and give you a plan of action to turn your voice around before causing any damage or create bad vocal habits.


What do you get hen you put a radio in the fridge?

Cool music!

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