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Vocal Coach

A Vocal Coach With An Instructor Having Celebreality Experience!

Are you looking for a new vocal coach that has real celebrity experience? Michelle Ostrove has over 23 years of experience. In that time she has worked with celebrities including Diana Ross, McKenna Grace & Catherine O'Hara. Michelle Ostrove has honed her vocal lessons working with musicians from musical acts including Oingo Boingo and ELO. It’s time you worked with a voice coach that has the proven experience you’ve been looking for!

As a vocal coach, Michelle Ostrove has spent years helping celebrities, established bands, and aspiring musicians improve their career. Those same skills that helped her connect celebrities and accomplished musicians with their inner talent can help you realize your musical dreams.

Even if you’re not a Hollywood superstar, you can still have the same vocal lessons that the pros get. Michelle Ostrove uses her decades of experience in music education to help aspiring singers, songwriters, and musicians at every stage in their careers discover their hidden potential.

Everyone has what it takes to become a great musician. Some of us just need a little help realizing our dreams. Even Hollywood’s biggest names and career musicians benefit from working with their voice coach.

Becoming a great musician is about always working on your craft. Your skills as a vocalist, songwriter, or musician are something that you can sharpen throughout your entire life. As our skills grow, we will open up new doors and experiences that further lessons and coaching can help us to handle. Life also has a way of changing our goals for us and a voice coach is there to help you whether you’re thinking about changing musical styles or you want to completely shift your musical abilities.

If you’re ready to work with a voice coach that has helped celebrities and career musicians boost their careers.

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